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In the Classroom

Small group courses

Courses begin with a minimum of only 2 participants so register your interest now!

Depending on students' requirements, courses can be held online or in our studio in Taggi' di Sotto (no. 11 bus from Padova).
To register your interest or for further information please use the Contact Form.

Researching and Writing

English for Academics

A dedicated course for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, lecturers and professors who need to teach, write and/or present in English

Learn and practise the key English language and professional skills needed to develop or consolidate your academic career.

  • English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI). Gain the skills, vocabulary and confidence that you need to teach your subject in English to undergraduates or other advanced students.

  • Course planning, assessment and feedback. Get ideas on best practice and develop techniques to tackle this efficiently and effectively.

  • Conference presentations: develop this essential professional skill and perfect your verbal and written expression. Try out a paper in a low-stakes environment and practice taking questions and participating in roundtables

  • Small talk: practice introducing yourself and your work to other academics in English and enhance your informal conversational skills for the all-important post-conference drinks and dinner.

  • Academic writing in English: learn how to write formal yet stylish and engaging academic texts in English. Get to grips with the stylistic conventions for abstracts, journal articles, chapters, book proposals, monographs and more.

  • Intercultural competence: prepare to navigate global academia using English as a lingua franca.


Cost: 600 euros (+4% INPS & bollo) for a 40-hour course in a small group of 2-4 people.

Flexible and tailored packages are possible, as is individual coaching: please contact me for more details.

Adult Students

Absolute Beginners

Zero English? This is the class for you.

Fundamentals of English (20 hours): grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, conversation (level A0/A1).
For adults and older teenagers.
Min. 2 max. 4 students.
Cost: 300 euros (+ 4% INPS & bollo)

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Total Recall

Intermediate Revision

20 hours to review the basics (B1-level).

For adults or older teenagers.

Min. 2, max. 4 students.

Cost: 300 euro (+4% INPS & bollo)

Story Book

English is Fun!

Fun and Games for Kids

Learning through play with stories, creative activities, games and songs: 1 hour per week for 8 weeks.
Weather permitting, classes can be held outdoors.
For ages 1-3, 4-7 or 8-12 (exact groupings depend on demand).
Cost: 120 euros (+ 4% INPS & bollo).

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Business Skills 101

Key Business English

A 10-hour course introducing key vocabulary and skills for Business English: telephone calls, emails, presentations, negotiations and more.
For adults and older teenagers who already have a pre-intermediate level of English (A2/B1).
Min. 2 max. 4 students.
Cost: 150 euros (+ 4% INPS & bollo).

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English Jukebox

Learn English with a song each week!

Each week we listen to a song in English, chosen by you. Together we learn the key vocabulary in the lyrics and one important grammar point.

A great way to practice for karaoke night, or just for singing in the shower!

8 sessions of 1,5 hours. For adults and older teenagers who already have an A2+ (lower-intermediate) level of English or higher.

Cost: 180 euros (+ 4% INPS & bollo)

Open Book

Drama Queens and Kings

Learn English through classic literature

From the Bronte sisters to Oscar Wilde, from William Shakespeare to Elizabeth Gaskell, bask in English as we read and understand canonical plays, poems and novels together.

For adults and older teenagers who already have a good level of English (B1+/B2).

Particularly recommended for high-school students of English literature and for university undergraduates, but all are welcome!

Min. 2 max. 5 students.

20 hours: cost 300 euros (+ 4% INPS & bollo)

Friendly Conversation_edited.jpg

Advanced Conversation

Hone your speaking skills and have fun!

Enjoy chatting with other advanced learners of English and get help perfecting your speaking skills. One hour per week for eight weeks to discuss a topic, understand some music or a text, and learn new, idiomatic ways of expressing yourself.

For adults and older teenagers with an upper-intermediate or advanced level of English (B2/C1+).

Cost: 120 euros (+ 4% INPS & bollo)

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